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Batt Insulation for Atlanta Area Homes – Fiberglass Insulation for Reducing Energy Costs

batt insulationBatt Insulation has been one of the most popular forms of insulation for decades for two simple reasons: It’s effective and affordable. Batts are fiberglass blankets that fit snuggly into place between rafters and wall beams to wrap your home in a protective later which defends against heat transfer into and out of your home.  While batts seem fairly easy-to-install, they must be carefully cut to fit your home’s particular structure and fiberglass can be dangerous to handle and breathe. This is why professional installation crews, like the ones at Home Improvements USA, use their experience installing and handling fiberglass batt insulation to ensure your batts are installed properly and you don’t put your health at any unnecessary risk.

We offer insulation in batts and other types, including:

At Home Improvements USA, we strongly believe in reducing the energy consumption in homes for greener living, which is why we promote a comprehensive home insulation system, including a traditional form of insulation, like batt or cellulose, combined with a radiant foil barrier, like eShield. Some homeowners in Marietta, Smyrna, Roswell, Buford, and across the Atlanta, GA area who have chosen to have both kinds of insulation installed together have experienced energy savings of more than 50%.

Call or email us today to schedule a home energy audit and find out how much you can save by installing new batt insulation in your attic, walls, crawlspaces, or nearly anywhere insulation can be a benefit in your Georgia home.




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